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Foundation Piering

Foundation King installs a double wall steel pier that is concentrically loaded. A concentrically loaded pier is installed under the center line of the foundation wall and not bolted to the side. Being concentrically loaded eliminates lateral loading experienced by offset piers which causes foundation walls to bow in and offset piers to fail. Because of its ability to be hydraulically driven all the way to bedrock or stable strata and its elimination of offset load factors due to its placement directly under the center of the wall being lifted (concentric loading), we recommend the use of this system to stabilize the aforementioned structure.

Due to the weight of the structure and building code requirements for pier spacing, it is recommended that concentrically loaded steel pipe piers be installed under the foundation footing at intervals of seven feet or less in the area(s) designated on the Repair Plan. Pier locations indicated in green may be installed by excavation from the outside of the structure; pier locations indicated in blue may be installed through the basement, or garage floor, at the owners’ discretion. If a pier is installed through the basement floor, the owners are responsible for removing and replacing any floor coverings and furnishings within eight feet of the wall being lifted.  

After each pier location is excavated to 26” below the footing, the foundation piering system is hydraulically installed and load tested to insure that stable strata has been reached. The structure is then mechanically lifted and leveled using hydraulic jacks. After leveling is completed, the jacks are replaced with an adjustable KingPin Pier cap to permanently stabilize the structure. The holes are then back-filled with the excavated soil and the interior holes are patched with concrete.We will make every effort to return the exterior excavation areas to the condition they were in before the project was started.

Lifting of the foundation is generally not recommended unless the foundation walls have settled in excess of one inch. When a lift is performed, every effort will be made to gently lift and level the structure; however, it must be understood that it is unrealistic to expect this to be accomplished without causing some amount cosmetic damage to the sheet rock on the inside of the structure. It may also cause some cosmetic damage to the exterior of the structure. In addition, Foundation King recommends lifting the structure as much as the structure will practically allow, with permanent stabilization at that point.

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